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Mayor backs Christmas Safety Campaign

MAYOR of Shrewsbury,  Councillor Peter Nutting has backed a Christmas railway safety campaign after trying to use the towns station whilst “intoxicated”.

The campaign is being led between Network Rail, Transport for Wales and British Transport Police.

Wearing specially designed educational beer goggles, Cllr Nutting was challenged to find his way to the ticket machine, buy his ticket, use the barriers and find his way to the right platform. The goggles create a disorientated feeling blurring vision and distorting perception.

“You’d have no chance,” said Cllr Nutting after several unsuccessful attempts to buy a ticket to Church Stretton. “Everything is in double or treble vision.

"It really brings it home how difficult and dangerous a station can be if you’ve had a few drinks.

"You often hear of people falling onto the tracks or bumping into things and this show how easy that is to do if you’re drunk.

"We want people to go out and have a good time but the most important thing is to get home safe.”

After finally getting his ticket Cllr Nutting braved the stairs to the platforms, holding the handrail as he slowly made his way to the top. He then tried to negotiate his way past passenger information signs before struggling to make out where his train was due to leave from.


Transport for Wales security manager Simon Turton said: “It was great to get the Mayor along today to show just how difficult it can be using a station when you’ve had a few too many. We’re reminding people just to take that extra bit of care while they’re out over the festive period. There are far too many examples of people across the UK having accidents after a few too many or taking unnecessary risks and we really don’t want to see anyone getting hurt, so please look after yourselves and your friends.”

Phil Lucas, local operations manager for Network Rail in Wales and Borders, said: “We want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves over the festive period, but after a few drinks people often take greater risks, which can frequently, lead to people getting hurt or even killed.

“Travelling home by train is absolutely the safest way. But we have seen drunk people taking a short cut across the tracks, chancing it at level crossings or falling between a train and the platforms. Even escalators see more drink-fuelled accidents. Please take care of yourself and your friends – don’t let that last drink cause bad decisions. Be a ‘First Class Mate’ and look out for those making their way home by train that may have had one too many.”


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James Nicholas

Rheolwr Cyfathrebu/Communications Manager

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