International Women’s Day - The Women Leading the Rail Industry in Wales: A TfW driver


International Women’s Day - The Women Leading the Rail Industry in Wales

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Transport for Wales and Network Rail have teamed up with Cardiff University, to raise the profile of three of the industry’s leading women.

Alexia Course, Rail Operations Director at Transport for Wales, Alison Thompson, Chief Operating Officer at Network Rail and Bethan Jelfs, Customer Services Director for Transport for Wales Rail Services were all interviewed by journalism graduate student Isobel Owen at Cardiff Central Station.

This year, International Women’s Day campaign theme is #BalanceforBetter and focuses on how we can help forge a more gender-balanced world.

The young journalism graduate, who will very soon embark on her own vocational journey was keen to talk about the importance of International Women’s Day and the challenges all women had faced in a male-dominated industry and how they had overcome them.

Alexia Course, who has worked in the rail industry since leaving University and was appointed as Rail Operations Director for Transport for Wales last summer, said;

“It’s great to be celebrating International Women’s Day and to be interviewed by a Cardiff University female student who will shortly start her professional career. The theme this year is ‘Balance for Better’ and I’m proud that Transport for Wales’ gender ratio on its senior management team and Board is leading the way with strong male and female representation.”

“In partnership with our colleagues in Network Rail, we would like to highlight the equal opportunities available for men and women across the rail industry”.

Alison Thompson, a civil engineer, who has worked in the rail industry for almost 30 years and is currently Chief Operating Officer for Network Rail in Wales and Borders, added;

“Together with Transport for Wales, we are focused on delivering the best service for our passengers. To do this, we will be delivering a significant amount of work on the railway across Wales and Borders, which will provide a wealth of opportunities for people who want to embark on exciting and challenging careers, regardless of their gender.”

“I am pleased to be celebrating International Women’s Day and to be showing women interested in joining the rail industry that it is a great opportunity for everyone!”

Bethan Jelfs, Customer Service Director for Transport for Wales rail services said:

"International women's day is incredibly important for showcasing the incredibly talented and successful women within the rail industry.

"We are committed to bringing new talented people through with our apprentice schemes and we look to promote STEM subjects to boys and girls wherever possible.

"It's so important to show that gender should not be and is not a barrier from succeeding and reaching your potential."


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